What Will the DJ Play At Your Punjabi Wedding?

Who can resist Punjabi music? Whichever way your tastes in the musical realm may incline, you really can’t deny that there’s nothing quite like the Punjabi sound which is why, as long as you take care to hire a suitably qualified DJ, your Punjabi wedding is going to be unforgettable. After all, while many things make a wedding – not the least of which, of course, is a happy couple at its centre – the musical tracks and dances are a significant factor.
But what sort of tracks is the DJ going to spin at your wedding, exactly? What can you expect? Should you make some requests? Well, naturally, this is all rooted very heavily in the experience of the DJ, and, more importantly, in what you and your beloved what your wedding to be like, musically; but here are some classic wedding tracks that you can either expect or ought to consider requesting.

1. AinvayiAinvayi. Perhaps it’s a little obvious to put a song from a movie that’s literally about wedding planning on this list. But really, you can’t overlook this one. Like one astute YouTube commenter said, “if this song doesn’t play at a wedding, is it a wedding?”
It’s one of the perfect songs to play around the time the music starts when some of the more shy guests are not entirely certain whether they have the nerve to get up on the dance floor. The catchy, but slightly more gentle guitar intro, compared to the rest of the song, eases you in, pulling you into the melody, before transitioning into the unforgettable, impossibly catchy main theme.
2. IskiUski. Yeah, another one from a Bollywood movie about marriage. Funnily enough, they feature the best numbers for weddings.
Boasting a similarly minimal intro that flows smoothly into the central theme (a bouncy, fiery beat that’ll have the lot of you burning up the dance floor) this one is basically an ideal complement to AinvayiAinvayi – especially if you’re envisioning the sort of wedding where the bride and groom do a bit of singing of their own, since it gives centre stage and voice to the groom as much as AinvayiAinvayi does to the bride.
3. GallanGoodiyaan. Where you put this on the roster depends on which way you want the musical session to go; but either way, it’s also the perfect complement to these two, giving balanced focus to male and female voices. It’s also a slight bit more steady and melodic than either of them, without skimping on catchiness at all. It’s the kind of thing that really will get even the less musically inclined visitors to take to the floor if they haven’t already – exactly when you’d like that to happen should dictate when you play this one.
There’s no wedding like a Punjabi wedding. And there are many reasons for that – but Punjabi music’s no small player. We know you’re busy with all the wedding plans, but do take some time to ensure they include a chat with the DJ about the playlist. It’s just not a full wedding without some time spent burning up the dance floor.