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Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions

IDN PhotographyIn planning your wedding celebration – it’s the details that are hand-picked by you that create unique lasting memories.  From table-settings to first dances, I understand the hard work and emotion that goes into planning your day and I look forward to making it a heartfelt memory.

We’ll begin by getting to know the two of you personally – your expectations, your likes and your musical style. Below you will find some general questions/guidelines that I review with my clients. You can get an idea of the detail that I put into my work to truly customize your entertainment and make your occasion extra special.

  • Will you be getting married on premises, and if so, will you need Ceremonial Music?
  • Are having a Cocktail Hour? Would you like it to have music? If so, is it in the same room or a separate room?

SD Photo StudioBridal Party Introductions

  • Would you like friends and family to gather around the dance floor for your introductions?
  • Who will be introduced in your bridal party?
  • Is there any special intro music to be played for the grand entrance?
  • What is your first dance song?
  • Who in your bridal party will join you on the floor?
  • Will you consider an option for a second dance?

SD Photo StudioAfter Intros & First Dance

  • Will there be a Blessing on the food and/or a Best Wishes Toast? Who will be offering either of these options?
  • Would you like us to play a variety of music styles throughout the party or emphasize a certain genre?
  • Are there any music style that you would NOT like played during your reception?
  • How closely would you like us to follow the song list that you submitted through our website?
  • Will you allow us to take and play your guest’s musical requests?
  • How much interaction would you like between the M.C. and your guests? (i.e. Electric Slide, Macarena, Y.M.C.A. etc.)
  • How involved will the bride and groom be with dancing and crowd participation?
  • Near the end of dinner would you like us to do a Passing Game with the tables to determine who takes home the centerpiece?

SD Photo StudioAfter Dinner Wedding Traditions

  • Will you be having a Cake Cutting Ceremony? What Song would you like played during the cutting?
  • Will the bride and groom be having a dance with their parents? What songs would you like played?
  • Will there be a Bouquet and Garter Ceremony? Do you have musical preferences for the ceremony?

Finally, how would you like the party to end?

  • Would you prefer ending on a high note or with a romantic ballad?

Additional Options

  • Would you like Party Handouts to spice up the festivities? (i.e. Leis, Sunglasses, Maracas, Hats, Glow Necklaces etc.)
  • Would you like to add a little flash to the fun with one of our dynamic lighting packages?
  • Would you like to add a Special Effect – such a Fog Machine, Bubble Machine or Laser Light Show?

I welcome you to check out my client reviews and photo galleries to learn more about Legacy Sound Djs’ quality service.

Call 858-432-3292 or email for a custom quote today! DJing is my passion and I know how to keep the party going!