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***DJ Luis is fully Spanish bilingual for Latin Events.***

DJ Luis packing the dance floor!Grand Entrance of the Quinceañera Court

This is the presentation of the entire court including the court of honor, presenter of the shoes, Padrinos, grandparents, parents, and the Quinceañera to all of the family, friends, and guests. Music: Marcha Triunfal

Shoe Ceremony

The Quinceañera father performs this tradition. The Quince will leave her flat shoes she wore to the church, and will put on her very first pair of heeled shoes with the help of her father, another symbol of her leaving her childhood and becoming a young woman.

Father/ Daughter Waltz

After the changing of the shoes ceremony, the Quinceañera will dance her very first waltz with her father to a special song the he has selected. Waltz with Padrinos (optional)

Court Waltz

After the Father/Daughter Dance, the Quinceañera dances for the first time with her court and or escort of honor. The dance is traditionally a formal choreographed waltz, which only the court of honor participates in. Music: Tiempo De Vals

Special Dance

Today a popular option for a Quinceañera and her court is a choreographed dance set to modern music mix of hip-hop, reggaeton, or Top-40 hits. This dance usually is after the court waltz, but can be incorporated into the court waltz.

DJ Luis is fully Spanish bilingual for Latin Events.Toast

After all of the above formalities have taken place, a toast follows by the family and the Quinceañera thanking all of the family, friends, and guests for making the Quinceañera possible.


This tradition also signifies the Quinceañera symbolic leaving her childhood, by giving her last doll away (ultima muneca). A small doll or flower is tossed to a group of girls much like a bouquet toss during a wedding. A beautiful ornate doll is given to the lucky girl the catches the doll or flower. Music: Dulce Niña, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Teddy Bear/Pillow

Similar to the doll, but in this tradition a small teddy bear is giving away to a lucky boy in a similar fashion. Music: Dulce Niña


It is her 15th birthday after all! All gather around to sing happy birthday.

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