Picking the Right Songs For Your Bollywood Wedding

bollywood wedding music

Whichever way your musical tastes may happen to incline, you can’t deny that there’s nothing in the world that sounds quite like Bollywood music – and, subsequently, that there no wedding like a Bollywood wedding.
The thing is, though, Bollywood’s been producing unforgettable music for years now. How do you know what music to pick for your special day? Well, we can’t give you exact answers – like most musical matters, it’s very much rooted in your tastes and preferences – but here’s an overview of some popular modern choices to put you on the right path.
First, your DJ will want to pick something traditional. In pretty much any culture, traditional song and dance have lasted as long as it has because it’s so remarkable and so indicative of the culture it was born from.

We’d recommend the Ghoomar. Sure, it’s got that cloud hanging over it right now after the movie Padmaavat mixed it up with other traditional dance moves; but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a remarkable number. So catchy, with such a distinctive dance to it – it’s just the sort of thing to ensure your wedding is both merry and theatrical, as any wedding ought to be.
And of course, you’ll also want to opt for something upbeat – this is one of the happiest days of your lives, after all. We’d opt for something like the track “Cutiepie”, from Karan Johar’s 2016 film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. It’s just such an impossibly cheery song; and while the dances it inspires might be a bit less distinct or traditional than those of the Ghoomar, there’s still absolutely no way it won’t get your feet moving.
And then, perhaps most obviously, you’ll want to pick something romantic. That’s what this whole day is about. Of course, there’ve been so many stellar romantic Bollywood films over the years, most of them boasting unforgettable musical numbers, that this can seem like the toughest choice of all.
But while it’s far from the only choice, our immediate go-to is Vishal-Shekar’s “ManwaLaage”, from the film Happy New Year. Boasting the soft and melodic sound that offsets the merriness of the likes of ”Cutiepie”, this track’s lyrics and sound combine to invoke the sort of infatuation that binds you and your beloved.
Of course, you might also want to go for something that blends romance with merriment – after all, those two things go hand in hand. For that, we’d step back a few years, and pick the song “Bole Chudiya” from the 2001 film KabieKhusieKabhieGham. This little number is upbeat and joyous, but not quite as bombastic as the likes of “Cutiepie”, with lyrics that evoke infatuation and lifelong commitment as well as cheer and delight. It’s everything a wedding ought to be in one song.
Ultimately, though, the final decision has to be yours. There’ve been so many excellent numbers composed by the brilliant musical minds of Bollywood over the years; and when picking them, the first and foremost thing on your mind should be whether it’s right for the sort of ceremony you and your beloved want.