Find the Right DJ For Your Asian Wedding

dj for indian wedding

For some get-togethers, you can skimp on the music service. The DJ doesn’t have to be perfect – heck, you don’t even necessarily need a DJ. As long as you’ve got a speaker system and some decently popular songs lying around, the music for the evening should be covered.
But not for your wedding. When it comes to your special day, there’s no skimping – every part of it needs to be correctly, expertly implemented, and that includes the music. Not only do you have to have a DJ providing the tunes; they’ve got to be the right DJ for your Indian wedding.
But then comes the question of who to hire. DJing has been a growing business for years now, and given how many folks dream of making it big in the music industry, there’s likely an endless option of potentials to pick from.
How do you know which ones to opt for? Well, that’s never an easy question to answer, and it depends heavily on what you’re dealing with, and what you’re looking for; but here are a few basic pointers for making your pick.

1. Check their musical knowledge and experience. Perhaps this seems a bit like a no-brainer – checking someone’s experience before hiring them goes without saying – but in this particular case, you want to make sure that you know that their experience is right for your wedding.
What sort of music were you looking to play at your wedding? There are tons of subgenres, and alternative styles in the world of Asian music; which ones do you think will dominate your wedding playlist? If you can’t find a DJ provably experienced in Asian music in general, then do check that they’ve at least worked with music within your favourite subgenre. And of course, if you’d like to work in some tunes from other parts of the world, it’d be best to make sure they’ve worked with that sort of music as well.
Oh, and if they don’t have a proper record of their experience? Yeah, probably don’t bother.
2. Ask if you can see them perform. Even if they do have an impressive CV, those can be pretty easy to fake. As a result, many DJs hold small public “concerts”, or take part in larger public events, to give their clients the opportunity to see them in action.
Be sure to ask potential DJs if they have one of these events coming up – all things considered, it’s one of the best ways to verify whether they are as good, and as skilled, as they say, they are.
3. Ask them to check out your wedding space. Sadly, even experienced DJs – especially those used to working in specific environments – can sometimes neglect to consider how drastically the nature of a venue, with its size and acoustics, can affect sound, even from the best equipment.
When interviewing potential DJs, observe whether they ask about your venue, or ask to visit it. If not, offer them to allow them to do so so that they can adjust for the acoustics. If they claim they don’t need to – well, perhaps keep looking.
Trust us, we know: wedding preparation is as hectic as it gets, and sometimes, it’s tempting to skimp on the little things. But remember: hiring the right DJ is most decidedly not a “little thing”. It’s one of the most critical parts of the whole affair – after all, what’s a wedding without dance-worthy music?