The Rise of DJs for Indian/Asian Weddings

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Grand Indian Wedding

The concept of Grand Indian Wedding has its reputation worldwide. We are talking about weddings which last anywhere between 3 days to even a week. Some cultures in India have weddings that last even longer.

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There is an endless list of wedding rituals. From ‘Mehendi’ which lasts a couple hours to tying the knot, there are umpteen rituals. India is a country consisting of tons of subcultures, thereby throwing up a different set of practices and rituals for weddings. Barring the subtle variations, they all have a central common theme. Regardless of whether it’s a ‘Vivaha’ or ‘Kalyanam’, celebrations last for several days.

DJs in Asian weddings

What we discussed in the previous section is just the starter Indian wedding package. You also got the Malaysian, Singaporean and Pakistani weddings that are pretty much the Indian subcontinent in this context. There is also the lavish Chinese wedding that has so much in common with Thai, Indonesian and Japanese weddings. Asian weddings have been quite westernized in this new millennium. Plenty of westerners can now walk into Asian weddings and feel their knowledge of weddings to be quite relevant. The westernization has introduced DJs in Asian weddings. The Chinese and Indians let DJ’s do their thing in traditional ceremonies.

Pan-ethnic Asian population overseas

The pan-ethnic Asian population has been on the rise in the U.S and European regions. They are around 5% of the total population in the U.S and U.K. The well to do Asians holds amazing weddings all over the world.

disc jockey for Indian wedding in UK

The need for UK Indian wedding disc jockeys is on the rise. The Bangra and Bollywood DJs are keeping things upbeat at Indian weddings. Tons of such DJs reside in London alone, where there is a huge Indian population. There are Indian specialty DJs in U.K., U.S., Malaysia, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries.

The need for DJs in Indian/Asian Weddings

There are tons or even thousands of listings for Asian DJs and Indian DJs. Large number of good such DJs do exist. They bring all that energy and passion to the table. They set things ablaze in your wedding function. They rock your Sangeets, Vidais, and receptions. They take ceremonies in Indian wedding one step higher. The western London doesn’t feel short of Hindu weddings any time of the year. The Bhangras and Sangeets are pretty much common to both Sikhs and Hindus. Regardless of their religion, Indians seldom miss out on lavish weddings. They have become increasing fond of DJs for weddings.

India based DJs

Indian DJs are sought for in the homeland too. They add that groovy spin to wedding receptions.

The in-demand DJs know how to get the party started. The Indian based DJs are equally adept at energetic ‘desi’ Sangeet as well as the wild western theme receptions. They make a world of difference to bachelor bashes and after parties. They make you put on the dancing shoes and get ready for a bash. Find the best in business, when it comes to Indian wedding Djs.